Employee Perks and Benefits

Employee Perks and Benefits

Logix Shapers keep employees’ benefits and satisfaction in concern with respect of their convenience and comfort. We provide them with a serene environment and remarkable infrastructure so that they can spend their time pleasantly in the office. We provide various benefits, additional perks, incentive & service awards, organise different events like birthday celebrations and annual parties in appropriate intervals and we also organize an official trip to motivate and develop a friendly relation with our employees.

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We Innovate Here

We give our employees a sedate and friendly environment to work. We have extremely modified infrastructure with all the latest technologies and tools required. We have sufficient devices, tools and equipments for all our employees that too with 24X7 electricity backup. We have biometric protected gates so that no stranger enters our compound and employees gets harmonized ambiance.

Life at
Logix Shapers

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Awards and Achievements Program

Employees who work dedicatedly and passionately throughout the year devoting their best of knowledge and hardwork to the organization, should get some extra honor. This is how we reward them with incentive and service awards for all their efforts for motivating them to work with even more fervor in near future.

Prize Distribution

Award Distribution

Annual Parties

Enjoyment is equally important as work is. To maintain this, we organise annual parties to enjoy at our fullest. We work sincerely when it comes to work and we party hard when it comes to enjoyment. This makes us the perfect place to get employed.

We Enjoy


Celebration Bells

We are professionals for work but we believe that our team is like a family and hence we celebrate all the festivals together here in our office. Here are some of the captured memories of the festive seasons.


Tremendous Tours

We all need a break apart from that weekend’s routine break to get rid of all the stress and frustration of work by spending an outstanding outing. We organize an official outdoor tour annually to take off the stress of work generated throughout the year. Going out for few days relaxes your soul rejuvenating you to work again passionately. In addition, going out together builds a team spirit and friendly behaviour among all the employees.

Trip to Chakrata

Amazing shots from our Mussorie Trip

Events and Occasions

We believe that an employee spends more time in office rather than being at home. So, employees deserve to celebrate their pleasant season in office with their colleagues and staff mates. We ceremonialize our employees’ birthdays in the office as their family in profession. In addition, we enjoy with different events at regular intervals. We play, we enjoy and we party hard.

“We play, we enjoy, We party Hard… We Burst out with Laughter.
We roam, we trek, we dance
and successfully handle the work Thereafter. ”
We not only Work but We actually live our lives at Logix Shapers…