Few Fruitful Tips to Enhance Mobile App Engagement



June 21, 2023

After paying much attention to get your app running, you have almost managed to get it into the trending app market. The analytics revealed that even though the app is downloaded by so many people, it fails to chase them the way you had expected, that leads to a low user retention rate. Now the question arises what gets wrong? With so many apps in the market, the competition is quite high for attention. An in depth study reveals that the amount of time mobile users are spending on mobile is reaching new heights it is like a staggering 30 hours within a month per person per app on average. So how can you even expect that your mobile app grabs the attention you seek for?  Now the question is how can you attract the users? This piece of content can be a great help:

Create app to grab user attention:

A famous proverb “The first impression is the last impression”, when it comes to mobile app this saying holds true. You have only one chance to impress the user so make the most of it. Even though people spend less time for mobile apps rather than the time spent with digital media, people often delete more than 60 percent of apps they install within a month. If you want to keep your users engrossed, you need to attract them to visit your app again and again. In order to achieve this target, your app should offer interactivity; classy features and fresh content and navigation, as these types of apps are highly in demand. Offer the updated version of app to users as soon as you can.

Social Sharing Implementation:

Social networking sites take 14 percent of all the time among other apps people use. It is pretty much necessary to implement social sharing into your mobile application as it gives the permission to leverage the power of social media through your mobiles. You must be aware of power of word of mouth marketing, right? A single post by a user can influence thousands and even millions of other users.

Use Gamification/Promotions:

People love the chance to score well and win exciting prizes. According to a study, mobile ads are way more effective than the online ones, due to mobile dominance. This directly means that you should focus only on developing mobile-specific promotions that approachable only by app users this will encourage them to install and use the app. Another excellent way to drive engagement is Gamification.

Record Event Based Interactions:

All mobile app users need to complete a series of actions during their experience with the new app. You can easily track these actions by using app analytics and the data you retrieve from this method would help you get valuable insights regarding the screens that your users love to do, as the actions are the reflections of user’s interests.

Set Up Re-Engagement Campaigns:

In case to avoid losing your valuable user, you should plan mobile re-engagement campaigns as it is an excellent way to get your users back to reengage with your app. All major mobile app provides the retarding services which include Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter and many other small platforms. Give little attention and some money for re-engagement campaigns so you can easily remind your users about your app.


Generating an app takes big amount and it is complex enough, thus while designing an app you need to make sure that your app provides possible ROI.

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