What are the Best Mobile App Development Platforms



June 10, 2023

Mobile Apps bring business on customers’ palm, this is the reason why businesses are chasing app development companies for user-friendly and creative mobile apps. There are various platforms that are used to build mobile applications but the type of mobile application depends on the type of your business and the services you want to offer your customers. And this brings a large number of enterprises with the functionality and customization required for the mobile application that they want for their personalized applications. So, here we have created a quick list of best mobile app development platforms to make your task a little easier.  

What is Mobile Application Development?

Mobile Application Development is the process of developing a software application for mobile devices. The Mobile app development mechanisms are involved in writing software for wireless computing devices like smartphones.Furthermore, app development is a method of utilizing all the advantages that mobile has to offer. This process considers the limits of mobile devices and supports enterprises in balancing cost and features/functionality. Importance of mobile app for business s undeniable so it’s a must to know the best platforms for Mobile App development to choose the one that suits your needs.

Types of Mobile Applications:

Native Applications:

A native application is created for one platform and can be installed through an application like Google Play Store or Apple’s Application store. If the applications are made for Android they cannot be used on iOS. The major benefit of picking Native applications for mobile development is that it is the fastest and trusted one.

Web Applications:

In reality, Web Applications are websites that can be accessed with the support of any browser like Chrome or Firefox. If your business does not need complex features then going for web applications can be beneficial for you.

Hybrid or Cross-platform Application:

Hybrid application or Cross-platform application is the blend of Native application and web application. And thus has features of both Native and Web applications. The developing cost of a Hybrid application is lesser than a native application.

List of the Best Mobile App Development Platforms:

React Native

React native is built and maintained by Facebook. It is an open-source mobile app development framework well-known for developing Android and iOS mobile apps. Many top enterprises like Tesla, Amazon are based on React Native. Developers choose to react native because of faster development and deployment property.

Microsoft Xamarin

Xamarin is a cross-platform framework used for developing applications for Android and iOS. Xamarin uses c# programming language to build the application. Furthermore, it allows the transfer of scripts across other systems like macOS & Windows. In Xamarin, there is an abstraction layer that controls communication between underlying code and shared code. It is also known as one of the top mobile app development platforms.


It is an open-source framework created by Google to build native Android and iOS apps. Flutter is used to create a reliable and native-like app quickly. It is a framework that has widgets, testing and integrating APIs, and rendering engines to build interactive mobile apps. And thus one can deploy their apps on mobile, desktop, and web using the same codebase. Alibaba is the best example, which is built using Flutter.


Ionic can’t be ignored while creating a list of the best mobile app development platforms. Ionic is an open-source framework developed via Apache Cordova and Angular. Developers use Ionic to create Android and iOS apps. Ionic caters to developers with UI elements like forms, filters, menus, navigations, etc. As Ionic is web-based so one can import their favorite library and debug via Chrome Dev tools.

Phone Gap

PhoneGap is one of the acknowledged frameworks widely used for the development of mobile applications. The framework can support HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. The primary advantage of the PhoneGap framework is that a single program code runs on various other platforms that save effort and extra cost.


Swiftic is a mobile application development framework that is exclusively used for the iOS platform. The framework is simple to use and offers an interface that helps create, manage, and publish right from the control panel.

Factors to consider before choosing a Mobile App Development Platform:

Every business either big or small wants to expand their business and is willing to offer the best services to their customers. And in this fast-growing world and urbanization, creating mobile applications is an effective way to boost your business and get more audience. There are plenty of apps like E-commerce apps, gaming apps, music apps, etc. These applications are primarily coded and executed in frameworks of Native or Hybrid. Here are some factors you should consider before choosing one of the best mobile app development platforms.


If you are new in the market with a limited budget and want to develop an application then go for a Hybrid app. But if your business is old and has a good amount of budget then Native can be more fruitful for you.


If you want that your customers to just fetch and get the desired information then the Hybrid platform application is the best option for you. But if the app needs more functionality, more processing then a Native app can do the job.

Based on UX:

If you want a mobile app with an engaging, tempting, and OS-specific user experience you can get it with the help of a Native app. The native app offers you an app with interactive designs. Whereas, a Hybrid app can cater to you with an average user experience.

Mobile app frameworks make the development process efficient and fast. So, pick any of the frameworks shared above for an interactive app.


Every day, thousands of apps are released on Google Play Store or iOS play store. All of these apps are created using some of the above platforms of mobile app development.  If you also want engaging apps to boost your business then hiring mobile app developers like Logix Shapers can be profitable for you as we provide robust mobile app development services to our clients. For last 7 years, we are creating value for our clients by delivering high-quality scalable custom apps and software solutions.

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