What are the Effective SEO Link Building Strategies?



June 10, 2023

Getting ranked on SERP (search engine result pages) is becoming harder and harder with each passing day. There is a number of tactics and strategies deployed by SEO specialists for securing top rankings on result pages. SEO Link building is one such method that plays a significant role in boosting search engine rankings. But doing Link Building is not a piece of cake, if not done properly you might lose the opportunity of ranking or lose the existing place acquired on SERP. So, here we have listed some of the best strategies of Link building to acquire authoritative backlinks to your website. Before jumping on the strategies, let’s check out what is link building.

What Is Link Building?

Link Building can be defined as; it is a search engine optimization method that enhances online search engine ranking. It refers to the marketing efforts to get links from other sites to your site, resulting in more leads and high chances of visibility on the SERP. In a short and crisp, Link Building is the process of creating important and relevant hyperlinks to a website from external sources aka sites.

Why Link Building is Important?

We are living in the era of advanced technology and cheap internet. Most people have smartphones at their fingertips and they spent their quality time on Social Media platforms. Most of the people open the site which comes on the first page of the SERP. There is a simple and effective theory in the world of business, What Sells Is Sold (No visibility, No Sales). If your site or business is not visible to the outside world, you cannot generate revenue or leads. Then, there comes the use of theSEOLink Building strategies. Link building is the process of building links to a website for the purpose of improving search engine ranking and also visibility in SERPs.

The majority of the marketers and business owners are widely using Link Building methods to drive referral traffic and increase the rank of their sites. There are many methods to do Link Building, let’s begin with some major Linking Building strategies.

Effective SEO Linking Building Strategies

There are plenty of Link building methods through which you can increase the ranking of your website. I am sharing those important methods, using them, and making your site or business visible to the outside world.

Editorial Link

An editorial link is a contextual link, put up in an article/page that acts as a reference to a special resource. And these are majorly acquired by the authorities’ websites without paying or requesting. Through the Editorial links, websites or business grabs attention because of good quality content and it is well-known that Content is the King.

Guest Blogging

Guest Posting is another name coined for Guest Blogging; it is a process of creating or writing blogs for other websites. And guest blogging is a widely used and much-appreciated method used to get backlinks from blogs to your own business website.

In Guest posts, you can feed your site’s link in the body part of the content with a relevant keyword. Many content creators put the link in the author’s bio or in the conclusion section. Furthermore, you can use the Do-follow type of link, so that your written blog can be added to the Search engines Index.

Business Listing

A business listing is an online profile of your business that contains your business name, address, phone number, services, locations, and other important details. Business Listing is one of the best methods used by prominent SEO service providers for authoritative link building. In this method, local enterprises can list their services for marketing purposes. As per the Google report, 54% of people search for local businesses per month. And thus businesses come in search through the listing, which acts as a backlink of your site.

Business Listing helps to improve the website traffic and make your site visible on the internet. There are many listing sites where you can list your Business and the best example is Google My Business.

Social Media backlinks

Social Media backlinks are majorly used for improving brand awareness for the company, instead of Link building. But, social media backlinks have their own advantage like you can get loads of traffic and it is pretty fruitful for your website in terms of increasing credibility.

Social Media backlinks can be helpful for you if you regularly do social postings as per recent trends. Also, knowing your audience is a must for generating more leads.

Press Releases & Content submission

Press Releases & Content Submission is compelling methods used by website owners to draw more attention to their business. This method can be a perfect option to advertise products like apps, software, or e-commerce.

You can feed optimized keywords in the Press release, or news content. It is a cost-effective link-building process to boost traffic and sales.

Use Infographics

Infographics are large images depicting data and other important information with the help of attractive graphics. Submission of Infographics is another important and effective Link building method used by SEO practitioners.

Final word

Now, you all are well aware of the concept of SEO Link Building and its strategies. Use any of the strategies to draw more traffic to the websites and make your site visible on the Search engine pages. For effective link-building services, you may contact any prominent digital marketing agency offering affordable SEO services for businesses.

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