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Contract-to-Hire Services

Hire Exceptional Talent with Our Contract-to-Hire Services

Logix Shapers stands out as a premier provider of contract-to-hire (C2H) services, offering dependable resources to diverse organizations. We’re dedicated to matching skilled employees with businesses based on their unique needs and employment criteria. Our C2H model allows organizations to engage new hires for specific projects during the contract phase, sidestepping the risk associated with permanent employment decisions.

Through our contract-to-hire services, businesses have the flexibility to bring on board the most suitable candidate on a contract basis, with the option to transition them to permanent employment if desired. This hybrid approach seamlessly blends temporary and permanent staffing processes, enabling organizations to assess candidates’ skills, performance, and fit during a trial period. Following evaluation, businesses can then decide whether to extend a direct offer. 

Our experienced consultants handle all aspects of the search and selection process, tailoring it to meet your unique employment requirements. By leveraging our renowned staffing services, we’re committed to streamlining the hiring process, alleviating employment shortages, and connecting you with candidates who align perfectly with your work culture.

Benefits of Logix Shapers' Contract-to-Hire Services:

Trust Logix Shapers to simplify your hiring process and connect you with the talent you need to drive success.
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At Logix Shapers, our dedicated team collaborates closely with you to understand job specifications, company culture, and employee criteria, tailoring our candidate selection accordingly. We conduct thorough screenings and administer relevant assessments to assess skills and work ethics. This approach not only ensures a match for your needs but also supports candidates with job training, permanent job opportunities, skill analysis and improvement, and building work experience.

Our Contract-to-Hire Hiring Process

We provide adaptable staffing solutions that precisely meet our client’s requirements, processes, and budget constraints. If you’re considering our contract-to-hire staffing services, we ensure a seamless process.
Requirement Analysis
We will thoroughly understand the job description, job criteria, job requirements, company requirements, work culture, and everything in between to shortlist suitable candidates.
Sourcing and Screening
After understanding the requirements of the organization, our team utilizes multi-channel sourcing to find potential candidates. Our qualified consultants conduct various screening tests to shortlist the most suitable candidates.
Candidate Evaluation
The shortlisted candidates proceed further with technical rounds, behavioral assessments, and other relevant tests. Our team assesses their skills, experience, and potential suitability for your organization.
Candidate Presentation
After thorough screening and interview rounds, we present the list of the most suitable candidates we have shortlisted along with their detailed profiles and evaluation results.
Interview Coordination
We coordinate interviews between the organization and selected candidates ensuring an efficient process. We also provide guidance and support to make effective hiring decisions.
Staffing and Placement
Once you select an ideal candidate, we help in the successful onboarding of the candidate ensuring a positive experience for both parties.
Permanent Opportunities
Our approach identifies candidates who may transition to permanent roles within your organization.
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Why Choose Logix Shapers for Contract to Hire Services?

At Logix Shapers, we understand that finding the perfect candidate for your organization is quite a daunting task. Our contract-to-hire services introduce a unique approach that helps organizations evaluate desired candidates before making long-term decisions. With our remarkable expertise and comprehensive services, we ensure a seamless transition from temporary to permanent staffing. Wondering why Logix Shapers is best for contract-to-hire approach? Have a look at these amazing reasons:

Experienced Recruiting Professionals
We have a qualified team of experienced recruiting professionals who work closely with you to understand your unique needs, goals, and culture to find a perfect fit.
Custom Recruiting Solutions
Our recruiting team takes pride in providing customized solutions specifically tailored to your unique job requirements. As a dedicated staffing partner, we deliver exceptional results.
Timely Staffing
We are dedicated to delivering efficient services without compromising the quality. Our extensive networks of experts and robust candidate database help us to identify candidates who match your requirements just in time.
Employment Flexibility
The contract-to-hire services of Logix Shapers enable organizations and businesses to hire talents with flexible contract periods with quality skillset. Hire Smarter! Connect with Logix Shapers today and benefit from our contract-to-hire services.

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