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At Logix Shapers, we have a greater number of clients demonstrating their success stories through the achievements of their goals. We have expertise in delivering business-led technology breakthroughs to support, start-ups, medium sized business, and large enterprises through our highly impactful services. Here’s what we have to showcase:

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Artificial Inteligence (AI) Enabled Ask Series Websites

Logix Shapers presents AI-enabled Ask Series websites, revolutionizing user interaction. Engage our AI panel for prompt responses on Religion, Health, Love, Wellness, Horoscope, and Food/Nutrition. Delve into spiritual queries, attain wellness advice, decipher love dilemmas, uncover dietary wisdom, and explore celestial guidance effortlessly. With Logix Shapers, empower your quest for knowledge, enriching your life journey through the convenience of AI. Experience the future of personalized consultation, where understanding meets innovation at your fingertips. Join us in reshaping the digital landscape with intelligence and accessibility.

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Our Experience in Media Industry

Logix Shapers brings unparalleled expertise to the media industry, specializing in digital newspapers, new portals, mobile apps, YouTube channels, websites, RSS feeds, sitemaps, and much more. With a robust understanding of digital trends and user engagement, we optimize every platform for maximum impact. Our comprehensive solutions ensure seamless integration across various digital mediums, empowering our clients to reach wider audiences and drive meaningful engagement in today's dynamic digital landscape.


100+ Dynamic Web Blogging Portals

We've crafted over 100 dynamic web blogging portals, each powered by a single, integrated CMS. This centralized system enables effortless data management across all versions from one location. Leveraging AI algorithms, we dynamically shuffle content to ensure each website maintains its unique presence. Our approach guarantees efficient maintenance and offers visitors fresh, engaging experiences tailored to their interests.